M33 Growth

A capital investment firm looking for a new way to brand acceleration.

M33 Growth


The founders of M33 Growth had an incredible vision for their company and a dream team of executive colleagues looking to make their mark on an incredibly competitive industry.

Their initial request was to work with them to develop their company naming, brand messaging, pitch verbiage, and visual identity. The opportunity to work directly from the raw materials of their brand, the attitude and style of the founding members, allowed for an open, creative process, employing naming and word association exercises to identify what would be the founding principles of this company, from which their name, messaging, and verbiage would be defined.


These words communicated the specific services that the founders were looking to bring to their market, in a tone that was consistent with how they wanted to be perceived. In the Capital Investment industry, M33 Growth works with existing companies whose growth has plateaued, providing business services to identify the cause of their stagnation, and financial investment to give them the resources to overcome what has held them back.

This led to what became the foundation of their name and messaging going forward. The idea of identifying what is necessary for a company to break free from what is holding it back, and providing the fuel for them to act on that information. To help them achieve their Escape Velocity.

Escape Velocity is defined as the speed necessary for an object to escape the gravitational pull of another object. The speed necessary to escape the gravitational pull of earth is approximately 11.186 km/s, or, Mach 33.

We expanded on this concept to develop a style of verbiage that could be used on their website, investor pitch decks, and spoken elevator pitch.


M33 Growth is a venture and growth stage investment firm that seeks to partner with founders and CEOs to accelerate growth and break through as industry leaders.


M33 Growth is named for Mach 33, the speed at which an object reaches escape velocity and breaks out of the gravitational pull of the Earth. Our name mirrors our approach: we partner with founders and CEOs and seek to help them rapidly scale their companies and succeed in their respective markets.

While many firms provide capital, M33 Growth brings differentiated hands-on experience to the CEOs and founders with whom we partner.


This style of communication and the Escape Velocity concept, partnered with the visual identity that we created for them, assisted M33 Growth in raising an initial investment fund of over $180,000,000.