Mountain Laurel
Medical Center

A excellent medical facility dedicated to providing care to one of the most under-served counties in the country.

Mountain Laurel Medical Center


HRVY Creative partnered with Mountain Laurel Medical Center to create a unique identity to match the excellent level of services that they provide.

Mountain Laurel Medical Center is a leading provider of medical care and health education in the western Maryland community, a historically underserved area. We worked with them to provide a visual identity and branding collateral that reflected the high level of medical care that they provide while staying connected to the rural region where they are located.

The icon in this project held a lot of significance for the organization, as they really felt the need to update their image. We worked to bring them up from looking like a small-town clinic, to something that better reflected the high-quality facility that they operate, while celebrating the rural area they are based in. Keeping this in mind, we developed an icon that pulls together the mountains and lake that Garrett County, MD is so well known for, with a modern aesthetic to represent them in an ever-expanding industry.