MSC Management

A brand and identity to represent a company made up of exceptionally talented professionals who take pride in working to enrich their communities.

MSC Management Services, Inc.


I worked with the team at MSC Management to develop an identity and set of collateral to reflect their outstanding record of performance.

MSC Management Services, LLC. is an administrative support and program management contracting company based in the Oakland, MD area. An offshoot of an existing company, GCC Technology, we had the challenge of creating a face for the company that set it apart as an individual entity while remaining connected to their sister company.

With the identity set and a versatile color palette in place, we began the process of developing their brand through the creation of a website and a variety of print collateral to assist their efforts to connect with their customers. Our work involved in creating these pieces was layout design, photo-retouching, copy writing, and print production.