A tech startup working in navigation and threat assessment for high-risk professionals.

Pramantha Solutions, LLC.


The sanskrit word referring the upper stick used to create fire through friction, Pramantha lends itself to strong and recognizable imagery. 

A company based near Washington, DC, Pramantha Solutions offered a unique challenge in identity design. Creating a visual style to represent a company that works in situational intelligence.

This icon brings together several major elements of not only the meaning behind the company name, but also the nature of their business. Through the use of simple shapes and color, this icon brings the ideas and feeling of fire, in both the color used and its placement in the overall mark. Several entities come together to a central point, implying motion which culminates at the tip of our “fire.” The overall style and execution of the shapes indicate a certain level of modern, calculating precision. It is sharp and purposeful. This mark has presence. It holds and directs the eye without the accompaniment of the company name.

Key Descriptors: Precision, Modern, Power, Fire, Purpose, Sharp, Movement, Direction, Versatile, Compound