Sizanani Report

Annual document to communicate the effectiveness of the outstanding youth program at Camp Sizanani

Global Camps Africa


I worked with Global Camps Africa to develop a new format for their yearly report on the operations at Camp Sizanani in South Africa.

Global Camps Africa (GCA) established Camp Sizanani in 2004 to improve the lives of vulnerable children and youth from HIV-affected communities in South Africa. In an ongoing effort to update and modernize the Global Camps Africa brand, a new layout style had to be created to properly communicate the importance of the content in this booklet.

We were tasked with creating a visually impactful style to communicate the gravity of this program using a myriad of quotes, spreadsheets and reports that were provided. By breaking down all of the content we had, with the help of several program officials, we created an order and hierarchy that made sense for the nature of the program and its results.